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Bird control netting systems

Netting is an extremely effective means of protecting your property from nesting birds, preventing them from damaging your rooftops and guttering, creating excessive noise, and spoiling your property with droppings. Netting is especially useful for heavily infested areas.


The type of net used would depend on the species of bird causing the problem: 19mm for sparrows, 30mm for starlings, and 50mm netting for pigeons.

Anti-roosting spike systems

The use of stainless steel or clear plastic spikes affixed to the surface of windowsills or pipe work will usually deter birds from landing on your property.


The heavy duty plastic base of the spike system can be snapped into any length - useful for nooks and crannies - and spikes of any length can be fixed into position using a silicone-based adhesive, or otherwise screwed into position.

Clearance of bird fouling

The risks from bird droppings are well documented. Ornithosis is one of the most commonly known. It is an acutely infectious disease that thrives in the guts of infected birds and can be passed onto humans via the bird's eye or nasal secretions.

Affordable bird control solutions in Chesire & Manchester

We initially provide an anti-bacterial spray solution to all the affected areas that are to be cleaned and cleared. Only then can we safely remove all bulk fouling and nesting materials, which often also include many dead and decaying carcasses.  

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Solar Panel Bird proofing & cleaning

With the growth of renewable energy we offer a bird proofing & cleaning service of solar panel to domestic & commercial premises.

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