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Manchester Premier Independent Pest Control Services

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Professional hygiene services

Are you a householder, landlord or housing association that has been left with a filthy, cluttered or unhygienic property? If so, then we can help to empty and clean the property and grounds on your behalf, through our hygiene control services.


The property in question will be cleaned down to your specifications, allowing for immediate repairs or decoration to begin on the property so that you can swiftly re-let, re-occupy.

Property clearance you can rely on

Our hygiene control service is usually carried out within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your initial enquiry.

Indoor and outdoor treatments

On completion of any property clearance, the land can be treated with an insecticide, which would be applied to affected areas in order to destroy any insect infestation that may have occurred due to the build-up of waste.

Sharps clearance

All waste removed from a property will be safely disposed of at a registered site and a record of disposal will be provided if necessary. We will, on receipt of your enquiry, provide you with a free quotation for the safe removal and disposal of these and other hazardous materials.

We offer safe and reliable hygiene services in Sale. Contact Predator Environmental Ltd.

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